Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Education Law Center Insults Kingsway Regional

The Kingsway Regional School District is one of New Jersey's most underaided and underfunded districts.

Kingsway Regional receives students from East Greenwich Township, Logan Township, South Harrison Township, Swedesboro and Woolwich Township, a rapidly growing area of New Jersey. Whereas SFRA says that Kingsway Regional should be receiving $19,476,369, the state only gives it $8,866,900, a $10.6 million deficit.

Kingsway thus only receives 45% of the aid SFRA says it needs. Since it has nearly 2600 students, its deficit per student is -$4325, which is one of the forty worst in New Jersey.

Kingsway Regional's taxes are over $525,000 in excess of Local Fair Share, but Kingsway's Total Budgetary Cost Per Pupil is only $10,362, which is one of the ten lowest in New Jersey. Although most of the other districts among the lowest-spending are demographically poorer than Kingsway, most of the other lowest-spending districts are K-8s, so Kingsway's budgetary distress should be seen as exceptional.

Kingsway Regional is one of the most active districts on state aid reform. They launched a petition that got 2600 signatures, have launced a letter-writing campaign, successfully gotten their legislators in favor of reform (including Senate President Steve Sweeney).

In addition to all this effort, Kingsway is suing the State of New Jersey for fair funding with a demand that Adjustment Aid be eliminated.

And to this basic demand for Justice the Education Law Center SHOUTS NO as part of its staunch defense of aid hoarding (aka "Adjustment Aid.").

Rather than even respecting Kingsway's anger, the Education Law Center mocks Kingsway, comparing it to a dog.

And then virtually celebrating the (technical) rejection of Kingsway's case by the NJ Supreme Court:

I've said before the Education Law Center and its chief David Sciarra were reactionaries, but I didn't realize they were such assholes.

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