Monday, April 25, 2016

Our Fair Share Launches Petition for State Aid Fairness

Our Fair Share, an activist group founded in Delran for fair school funding, has launched a petition for state aid fairness.

The heart of the petition is this call for Adjustment Aid to be redistributed:

We demand that $575 million in “adjustment aid” be reallocated. This was support that was originally intended to "hold harmless" districts that saw aid reductions as a result of the new formula signed into law in 2008. This process has been recommended to take place over five years, however no money has been reallocated in the past 8 years. We believe 8 years is enough advance notice for districts to realize they should not be receiving any more adjustment aid.

We ask that until SFRA can be fully funded, all districts be funded fairly, and share the sacrifice that so many districts have been making since 2008. If the formula can only be funded at 85%, then fund ALL school districts throughout the state with the formula at 85%. Students, taxpayers, and school districts from all over the state have been the innocent victims of the State's inefficient and unlawful distribution of school funds.
Please sign and forward!

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