Thursday, April 21, 2016

Education Law Center Reiterates Opposition to Aid Redistribution

The ELC is in full reactionary mode and has has reiterated its opposition to any reduction in Adjustment Aid.

The ELC can't even use the word "over adequacy" without quotes, like it is not a real concept.

This comes just weeks after the Education Law Center threatened another Abbott lawsuit, a case that John Mooney of NJSpotlight estimates could cost New Jersey another $500 million.  It comes six months after the ELC demanded another round of Abbott construction spending.

The ELC named Jersey City specifically as a district it didn't want to see lose aid.

What the ELC ignores is that JC and many more under-Adequecy Adjustment Aid districts, local taxes are nowhere near what it is capable of paying:

I'm not saying that Jersey City is rich, but it is much more prosperous than it used to be and can pay a much higher tax levy.

Given that Christie won't agree to any tax increases and even a Democratic governor would prioritize the pension funds and the Transportation Trust Fund, there is no way that NJ can fully fund SFRA.

Although we also need to find at least some more money forK-12, NJ's economic/debt realities means that the only hope for underaided districts is redistribution, a process that the ELC has announced its opposition to.

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