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Thursday, September 17, 2015

The lowest taxed school districts in New Jersey

The following fifty districts have the lowest Local Tax Levies relative to their Local Fair Share.

As you can see, most of these districts are at the Shore.  Thirty of the fifty are in Cape May, Atlantic, Ocean, or Monmouth Counties.  These districts have very few students and large property valuations, hence no need to tax their residents very highly.

It isn't something that gets a lot of attention, but Jersey Shore microdistricts districts are among the worst aid hoarders in New Jersey.  In some cases they get tens of thousands of dollars per student when they need virtually nothing.  Allenhurst, for instance, has four students and yet gets $47,475 in state aid!  Allenhurst's school tax rate is 0.0060!  Cape May Point also has four students and yet gets $26,803.  Cape May Point's school tax rate is 0.0082.

Another nine districts are Abbotts.  The Abbotts with the low Local Tax Levies are Irvington, Newark, Bridgeton, Passaic, West New York, Jersey City, Union City, Camden, Vineland, and Hoboken.

Before you condemn the Abbotts for getting a tax bargain courtesy of taxpayers statewide please consider that most of them actually have high municipal taxes.  Irvington, for instance, has a general tax rate of 4.136.  Bridgeton has a general tax rate of 4.151.  On the other hand, Jersey City and especially Hoboken are exploiting taxpayers statewide, hurting lower resource districts, and this should be condemned.  Jersey City taxes at a third of its Local Fair Share; Hoboken taxes at 21% of its Local Fair Share.  Jersey City's general tax rate is 2.291, Hoboken's is a very low 1.403.

Only a few of these districts are conventionally wealthy, such as Alpine, North Caldwell, and Harding.  For these districts to spend at their full Local Fair Share would be crazy - if Alpine taxed at its Local Fair Share it would have over $200,000 per student.  If Harding taxed at its full Local Fair Share it would spend $85,000 per student.

Italicized = non-operating.  Bold = Abbott

(Figures for "Local Fair Share" factor in a district being something other than K-12.)

District NameCountyLocal Fair ShareLocal Tax LevyPercent of Local Fair Share TaxedStudent Pop.
IRVINGTON TOWNSHIPESSEX$37,723,297$17,459,52946.28%7,348
LAKEHURST BOROOCEAN$2,434,311$1,088,77644.73%530
SOUTHERN REGIONALOCEAN$95,428,678$42,545,91144.58%2,940
BEDMINSTER TWPSOMERSET$34,791,462$15,099,32643.40%795
EDGEWATER BOROBERGEN$38,679,063$16,582,32842.87%938
EAST ORANGEESSEX$44,660,845$18,950,05042.43%10,474
MILLVILLE CITYCUMBERLAND$26,258,781$11,097,65642.26%6,021
MILLBURN TWPESSEX$181,130,096$74,808,60841.30%4,881
PATERSON CITYPASSAIC$97,149,177$38,955,95640.10%27,889
SOMERSET HILLS REGIONALSOMERSET$72,366,894$28,969,73340.03%2,015
GLOUCESTER CITYCAMDEN$8,751,000$3,484,19839.81%2,074
ASBURY PARK CITYMONMOUTH$16,502,549$6,505,62339.42%2,337
RUMSON BOROMONMOUTH$36,852,943$13,961,35437.88%989
BRIDGETON CITYCUMBERLAND$9,625,854$3,637,14437.79%5,645
WILDWOOD CREST BOROCAPE MAY$18,478,211$6,619,11835.82%296
PASSAIC CITYPASSAIC$47,311,355$16,818,57735.55%14,818
WEST NEW YORK TOWNHUDSON$42,681,660$14,860,59834.82%7,537
VINELAND CITYCUMBERLAND$63,736,430$21,731,43934.10%9,885
WEST CAPE MAY BOROCAPE MAY$2,555,658$842,71032.97%85
AVON BOROMONMOUTH$9,927,073$3,267,08432.91%198
JERSEY CITYHUDSON$335,745,966$109,961,90132.75%33,717
UNION CITYHUDSON$48,593,609$15,418,63731.73%11,818
MONMOUTH BEACH BOROMONMOUTH$12,713,019$4,005,25631.51%295
HARDING TOWNSHIPMORRIS$31,097,756$9,254,88329.76%483
MARGATE CITYATLANTIC$36,139,003$10,511,40829.09%459
NORTH WILDWOOD CITYCAPE MAY$21,201,289$6,131,61928.92%328
ENGLEWOOD CLIFFS BOROBERGEN$37,969,466$10,277,71327.07%553
CAMDEN CITYCAMDEN$28,068,813$7,449,00926.54%15,750
FAIRFIELD TWPCUMBERLAND$3,078,470$754,01624.49%615
OCEAN CITYCAPE MAY$96,496,993$21,965,33222.76%2,095
LAVALLETTE BOROOCEAN$16,792,324$3,600,93121.44%193
BAY HEAD BOROOCEAN$13,493,324$2,893,08521.44%135
HOBOKEN CITYHUDSON$187,075,236$39,426,39021.08%2,639
BEACH HAVEN BOROOCEAN$8,104,904$1,666,38920.56%80
SEA GIRT BOROMONMOUTH$21,363,869$4,214,20919.73%178
SPRING LAKE BOROMONMOUTH$33,994,524$6,072,46417.86%271
ALPINE BOROBERGEN$33,818,844$5,818,44117.20%168
SADDLE RIVER BOROBERGEN$48,204,780$7,659,02715.89%193
LONG BEACH ISLANDOCEAN$44,619,512$5,754,10512.90%250
DEAL BOROMONMOUTH$17,212,918$1,967,70211.43%161
SEASIDE PARK BOROOCEAN$5,951,882$613,28110.30%36
CAPE MAY CITYCAPE MAY$15,801,869$1,574,1439.96%163
STONE HARBOR BOROCAPE MAY$30,768,648$2,396,5857.79%82
SEA ISLE CITYCAPE MAY$34,151,452$1,827,3025.35%88
AVALON BOROCAPE MAY$59,473,862$3,078,6945.18%63
CAPE MAY POINTCAPE MAY$3,831,214$39,0581.02%3

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