Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Steve Fulop Launches 2017 Campaign Website: Could be for the 2017 Mayoral Race or Gubernatorial Race

Steve Fulop has launched a campaign website.


It could be for the Jersey City mayoral race or the gubernatorial race. The website is paid for by Steve Fulop's mayoral election campaign and does not talk about any issues that do not affect Jersey City, so technically this could be for the 2017 Jersey City mayoral race.  Then again, Fulop is identified as a "New Jerseyan" not a "Jersey Cityan."  Anyway, despite the coyness I think everyone knows this is for the gubernatorial election.

Fulop is silent on state aid and education.  Fulop contrasts how Jersey City has done a better job of paying for its pension fund (Jersey City is the only city in NJ with its own pension system) than the state has.

IMO, Steve Fulop is advantaged over Steve Sweeney in the gubernatorial race because Fulop has presided over a booming city and has not been forced into a series of unpopular compromises with Chris Christie.  The unions were always opposed to Chapter 78 (the 2011 pension reform bill) but are now even more furious about Chapter 78 than when it was originally passed since the state is not even following through on its commitment to make the full actuarial pension contributions.

Jersey City has its own pension system (it is the only municipality in NJ to have one).  Steve Fulop, however, has supported reforms for Jersey City's pension system which are identical to the reforms made on the state level, such as suspending COLA payments, raising the retirement age, and requiring workers to work 30 years before they can retire.

(It is not Steve Fulop's fault, but Jersey City's pension is only 42% funded.)

Steve Fulop is pro-charter school and even sat on the board of a charter.  This angers a large segment of the Democratic coalition.

I'll keep watching Steve Fulop's site for any discussion of state aid.

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