Monday, September 14, 2015

"10 Traits New Jersey’s Next Governor Needs, According to Sen. Lesniak" - No refs to taxpayers

Gubernatorial candidiate Ray Lesniak lists "10 Traits New Jersey's Next Governor Needs," forgets anything having to do with taxpayers.

  1. To be more interested in New Jersey than “his own political ambitions.” 
  2. A governor who will give N.J.’s teachers “a hug and a thank you.” 
  3. Someone who will “stand up to ExxonMobil.” 
  4. Who listens to questions from residents and “doesn’t tell them to sit down and shut up.” 
  5. Who will “stand up against animal cruelty.” 
  6. Someone who ensures pensions for employees 
  7. Who will support Obamacare. 
  8. Who focuses on treatment of addiction before incarceration. 
  9. Who demands equal pay for women and stands up for Planned Parenthood. 
  10. Who pushes for universal background checks for firearms and a ban on assault rifles. 

Thanks Senator Lesniak for thinking of us taxpayers!

February 2017 Update:

Ray Lesniak did vote for Sen. Steve Sweeney's state aid reform package, so he is the only one of the three Democratic candidates who supports state aid redistribution.

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  1. Someone who legalizes recreational marijuana, who funds state/local employees' pensions and refreshes NJ infrastructure from the revenues; and who decriminalizes past charges and expunges past records for marijuana possession and use (most heavily impacting our NJ residents of color)- now that's someone I'd consider voting for.