Saturday, August 8, 2015

Tom Moran: " it's getting harder to swallow the idea that Fulop is a reformer."

Steve Fulop has no record on state education issues other than that he wants to keep all the $$$$$ flowing to Jersey City he can.

One can only guess what Fulop would do as governor based on how much  fairness and reform he has brought to Jersey City governance.

Fulop ran for mayor of Jersey City on a reformer's platform, saying "Recognizing the rich and colorful legacy of many of Jersey City's past mayors, I offer this one promise: We will be both honest and competent."

Tom Moran of the Star-Ledger disagrees:

Since Fulop became mayor less than two years ago, the list of political players who have benefited from city jobs and contracts reads like a pregame roster for a gubernatorial race.
Among those who have benefited, or saw family members benefit, are the following: Sen. Raymond Lesniak and former Assemblyman Joseph Cryan of Union County, along with a councilwoman from Edison; Assemblyman John McKeon of Essex County; Ralph Lamparello, the former head of the state bar association; Assemblyman Joseph Lagana of Bergen County, along with two county freeholders; Ed Farmer, a Democrat who is close to the party's state chairman, John Currie; Somerset County Democratic Chairwoman Peg Schaffer; and the powerhouse Democratic law firm Decotiis, Fitzpatrick and Cole.

Fulop also stopped a long-delayed property reevaluation of Jersey City.  This allows wealthy people to evade paying what they should in property taxes, New Jersey recommends that towns do reassessments when property assessment falls below 80% of market value.  Jersey City's ratio of property assessment to market value is 30.02% the lowest in Hudson County and one of the fifteen lowest in New Jersey.

I am not hopeful that Fulop would follow through with a redistribution of state aid if that would mean that anyone (even the relatively privileged) would pay more in property taxes.

Chris Christie has been indifferent to his own suburban base in state aid so Steve Fulop could conceivably be indifferent to his own urban base, but I do not like what I am seeing so far.

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