Saturday, May 20, 2017

Prieto Fails Basic Math

Vincent Prieto has always stood firmly against any kind of fair, rational aid distribution that would hurt Steve Fulop and Jersey City, as well as annoy the New Jersey Education Association.

But now Prieto is exposing himself as more than just a tool of the Jersey City political machine, but exposing himself as an idiot at math.
Tugged into the GOP Gubernatorial Primary this evening, Speaker Vincent Prieto (D-32) slugged back at Assemblyman Jack Ciattarelli (R-16), who criticized Prieto’s school funding plan. 
“Jack Ciattarelli should worry about where he’s coming from instead of talking about something he doesn’t know anything about,” the speaker said. “There is a difference between ‘underfunded’ and ‘below adequacy’. The Jersey City School System is $80 million below adequacy, which is far more than Manville. 
“It appears he doesn’t quite get it,” Prieto added. “Adequacy should be the bar for everybody. Manville… is below adequacy.”

Never mind that Prieto is openly making the argument that Jersey City must not lose state aid because it is below Adequacy, even though that sub-Adequacy spending is entirely Jersey City's own fault due to undertaxing.

Far more than Manville?  Jersey City is far larger than Manville.

Manville is a district of 1481 students.  In 2016-17 it was $6,262,140 below Adequacy (due entirely to the state's underfunding by $8.5 million), or $4228 per student.

Jersey City is a district of 30,860 students.  In 2016-17 it was $96,080,360 per student below Adequacy (due entirely to itself undertaxing by $224 million), or $3113 per student.

In that same interview Prieto made an offer to debate Jack Ciattarelli on school funding, “I am willing to debate anyone on this subject, anywhere, anytime,”

I hope Ciattarelli takes Prieto up on that.

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